7 Ton Air Skate


The Air Skate has the same use as a normal load skate. However, it does have some special requirements. It must be used on smooth surfaces without any imperfections.

Instructions for Use

  1. Check load tag for maximum weight allowed. DO NOT exceed this weight.
  2. Smooth floor is essential for operating.
  3. Check the psi requirements before operating. (located on air skate)
  4. Will come with the air box (pig)
  5. Link compressed air to each skate.
  6. Make sure pipes aren’t in the way.
  7. Nice even surface with no cracks that the skate will have to ride across.
  8. Blow the skates up.
  9. Hold onto the object as it will move on its own without guidance.
  10. Air skates will cause much less damage to floors then other skates with steel wheels.