Capstan Winch


The Capstan Winch can be placed at the mid-point of a section to assist in the pull, it also enables longer pulls to be achieved.

Instructions for Use

Basic Safety Instructions:

  1. Make sure that the traction power connection points are firm.
  2. During operation, never attempt to touch the rope or rope guide with your hand.
  3. Never stand near a taut rope.
  4. Operate the winch from the side at a safe distance (3-6 m).
  5. Pay attention that no part of your body comes into contact with the rope.
  6. Never wrap the rope around your hands.
  7. Make absolutely certain that people are not standing in your working area.
  8. If objects are being pulled up a slope, make sure that no people are standing behind the object.
  9. Never lift loads with this winch as it has no security mechanism that can prevent the load from falling.
  10. Never use the winch to hoist people.


Safety Instructions regarding the Rope:

  1. Always use ropes with this Capstan Winch that have a low stretch factor, e.g. PET, polyester or Manila. Ropes with a high stretch factor, e.g., Polypropylene, not only have a low melting point, they are also dangerous in maximum load situations and should not be used. Make sure that the rope used is in good condition and strong enough for the load being winched.
  2. This Capstan Winch is designed for ropes with a thickness of 8mm or 10mm.
  3. Warning! Stretching means danger. The longer the rope the greater the stretch factor. The rope can suddenly be torn from your hands with immense power, causing bad rope burns to your skin. For this reason, always wear protective gloves. Always release the rope tension slowly and carefully so that the rope can wind itself back into the winch without pulling your hand into the inner work