Roofers Kit


Roofers kit is an equipment bag that riggers use which contains:

1 x Safety Harness          

1 x Lanyard

1 x Rope 11.5ml x 20M

Instructions for Use

  1. Check load tag for maximum weight allowed. DO NOT exceed this weight.
  2. Check harness for any visual damage before, do not use if damaged.
  3. Put on harness over shoulders and leg/ groin straps.
  4. Lanyard attached to back rope.
  5. Always pick up harness by metal lanyard hook.
  6. Lanyard can be hooked to front for leaning back.
  7. Sling is available if required.
  8. Harness attachments: rope for run line harness attachment (dog run).
  9. Make sure twist lock carabiner is lock hand lock only.