The Tirfor machine is a portable manual hoists used with wire rope. They can be used to lift, pull and position loads over great distances depending on the wire rope length and strength. These are operated by a simple lever or Tirfor pole.

Tonnage ranges from 1.6 Ton to 3.2 Ton


  1. Check load tag for maximum weight allowed. DO NOT exceed this weight.
  2. Bring heavy equipment in counteract.
  3. Connect to anchor point.
  4. B lever – To bring in load.
  5. A lever – To release.
  6. Moving lever B back and forward the rope will be brought in tightening the load.
  7. The rope is automatically locked into place each time it is brought in or released out.
  8. Feed wire through hole.
  9. Check for wire damage before using.
  10. Push lever C forward and lock behind plate this puts the lock jaw in neutral so wire can be feed through freely.
  11. The tirfor will have the max width of the wire written on it, either 16mm or 11mm.