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RNZ Scaffolding tower June 2018

Taming the Beast

Jul 8, 2018
by MOCA Admin

RNZ 2018 Shutdown 2+ months of planning and estimations, 4 months of Pre-shut execution.

Hauraki Council Refit1a resize v3

Hauraki Council Seismic Refit

Jul 3, 2018
by MOCA Admin
Steel Erection

The Hauraki Council seismic refit has seen us fabricate and install Roof beams, purlins and seismic bracing to the Hauraki Council Building.


Christchurch News

Jul 2, 2018
by MOCA Admin

The Sudima project is moving along nicely, Scott Weir and his team have been working well in getting the steel erected with a lot of locals commenting about how quick...