Taming the Beast

Jul 8, 2018
by MOCA Admin

RNZ 2018 Shutdown

2+ months of planning and estimations, 4 months of Pre-shut execution. 3 months of 11 days on 3 off, 2 weeks of 12 days on 2 off and the last 2 weeks was let’s show our metal and get this over the line, and over the line we went with access to 100% of all planned work - a massive effort!

What has ISS accomplished over this time? 1000+Ton of scaffold up, 550+ scaffolds at the peak, from hanging cantilever truss work at 45m to 500 hop up at grade, a huge amount of internal CSE work and everything in between. To top it of the men were able to accommodate nearly 5000 man hours of unplanned emergent work and even have time to help out the competition!

Through it all the team has maintained the highest of standards producing quality work and most impressively done all this work without serious incident or injury. This speaks volumes as to the world-class calibre of the team involved in this project.

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in the Shutdown, from Management, Payroll, HR, Truck drivers, Safety teams and more. As units are coming online and the team is slowly de-mobbing I want to give our biggest thanks to the Men on the coal face. Whether you were here for a short time or still out there now working hard, THANK YOU. The men came from near and far, the other ISS areas sent some of their best and all represented hard.

Craig Fedarb