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Project Gallery

Turbine Erection - Project West Wind & Te Uku & Corat Thailand
ISSL were awarded their 1st wind farm erection project in 2007 for Siemens Wind Power New Zealand which saw 62 turbine erected for Project West Wind in Makara, off the North West Coast of Wellington.  The project took approximately 2 years to complete and was officially opened in 2009 and is one of the highest producing wind farms in the country.  ISSL were also awarded the Te Uku Wind Farm off the coast of Raglan in the Waikato where 28 Turbines were erected.   ISSL supplied riggers, cable joiners, mechanical installers, logistics and site supervision for both projects.  ISSL have also recent had cable joiners, mechanical installers and mechanical completion personnel working in Corat in Thailand where they erected 90 turbines.

Auckland Sky Tower

Installation of Bungy Jump Platform

ISS Ltd were contracted to erect this bungy jump platform for A J Hackett to launch the Global Plus Visa Card.

Met Mast Erection

Meridian Energy Project West Wind

The photos show one of ISSL's experienced Tower Erection Teams awaiting the delivery of another tower section on  Meridian Energy's Project West Wind site along the south west coast of Wellington, and the Erection Tower boys bolting together two tower sections.

Bridge Erection

Taupo Eastern Arterial Route

Culham Engineering

Another one of ISSL's experienced Rigging and Erection crews working on the Taupo Eastern Arterial Route, putting together a section of one of the several overpasses.

Concrete Work & Mechanical Installations

Examples of small plant installations and concrete plinths constructed by ISSL.

Gas Train Expansion Project

Golden Bay Cement, Whangarei, New Zealand

ISSL supplied and erected all the scaffolding for this large upgrade, we also supplied all the riggers for the installation of the new ducting, mechanical plant and the controlled removal of existing plant on the 7th floor.  ISSL were instrumentally involved in the planning and installation of the new eight floor and ll the upgraded plant and ducting.

Steel Erection

Regional Correctional Facilities

D&H Construction Ltd

ISSL were contracted by D&H Construction Limited to erect all the steel within these facilities with each facility containing up to 260 tonne of steel.  These pictures show ISSL lifting a roof section into place at the Spring Hill Correctional Facility, South of Auckland.

Confined Space Safety Watch Personnel

Contact Energy, Te Rapa, New Zealand

An ISSL Confined Space Employee checks the readings on Gas at the Contact Energy Te Rapa Site.

Crane Lift, Team NZ Yacht Launch

Emirates, Team New Zealand

Controlled Removal of Sulphur Tanks

Orica Limited, Morrinsville, New Zealand

A challenging project because the these tanks had to be removed while still half full of product.  ISSL fabricated site specific steel skids and using air bags lifted the tanks and skated them out of the building using air winches.

Wind Bracing Retrofitting

Auckland Harbour Bridge

Fletcher's Engineering

Retrofitting of wind-bracing and structural components including the supply and erection of complex scaffolding to facilitate safe working. Components were barged in and winched into position.  A demanding project completed on time under difficult conditions.

Steel Erection

Waharoa Cool Store

Fonterra Limited, Waharoa, New Zealand

One of ISSL's experienced Steel Erection crew erected this 120 tonne building on time and within the customers steel tolerances. This was a challenging project due to their being no cross bracing in the building; ISSL used temporary bracing and guy wires to secure the building during erection.

Installation of Turbine, E3P Project

Genesis Energy Ltd, New Zealand

ISSL along with TranscarNZ, installed the new 360 tonne turbine at the Genesis Energy Power Station in Huntly. ISSL were responsible for setting up the lifting towers and hydraulic jacking systems. ISSL were also involved in the placement of the train rails to roll the turbine into place, and assisted with the final placement of the turbine.

Industrial Rope Access, Refining NZ

Refining New Zealand's Tank 143 Decladding

One of ISSL's experienced Industrial Rope Access Teams working together on the Refining New Zealand site to declad their holding tanks.  This job was done entirely on ropes to reduce cost for the client and minimise the time needed to be on site.

E3P Project

Genesis Energy Ltd

ISSL were involved with a large part of this project. ISSL supplied Riggers and Scaffolders for the erection of the steel for the Turbine Hall, and did the majority of the Steel Erection on this site. We also supplied Scaffolding Hire, Dogmen for the various Crane lifts and Supervisors on this site.

Bridge Strengthening Project

Tainui Bridge Huntly, New Zealand

ISSL were contracted to carry out the upgrade of this bridge to allow for the crossing of the 500 tonne turbines for the E3P Project at the Genesis Energy Power Station in Huntly.  ISSL carried out all the Site Fabrication and Welding of the new arches and the under bridge strengthening. ISSL designed the system of installing the new arches 68 tonne arches over the existing arches they then proceeded to dismantle the old arches.  A challenging project because this bridge is the only access point to the town centre, so this rebuild took place with only 7 after hours road closures, thus minimising any disruption to the public.

 Coal Fire Boiler Installation
McKenzie and Ridlley Lt, Nowra, Australia


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