Red Stag Stack Delivery


Industrial Site Services were contracted to provide transportation for a new 35 meter long stack, for a Red Stag boiler. The long stack was delivered from Kawerau to Red Stag site in Rotorua via the Million Dollar Highway through Ruawhakitu. The distance was 80 km (approximately) each way. The Total unit and load length was 45 meters. The load was transported at night and took about 4 hours to deliver.


  • A Kenworth tractor unit, motorised jinker and three axle trombone trailer were to be used
  • Three pilot vehicles were needed
  • Permits were required and obtained for transportation of oversized dimensions
  • Industrial Site Services team was to remove and reinstatement of any obstructing road signs


  • The load delivered undamaged, on time and within the stipulated budget.
  • Load delivered with minimum disruption to the public (roadways)
  • High level of safety maintained throughout the project tenure with zero LTI’s (Accidents / incidents)