RURU communication tower Helicopter Lifts

About the Job:

The ISS Rigging team were engaged by the ISS Engineering team to help with the final instillation of the newly fabricated mast for the Ruru Communications tower. There were 4 sections to be lifted into place ranging from coming in 8mins apart to as close as 4mins apart.

  • Using new Zealand’s biggest fulltime heavy lift helicopter aka Black hawk or KaHu (Maori for hawk)
  • Coming up with systems for 3 rope techs to work safely at height
  • With the high hourly rate for the helicopter, coming up with a work sequence which optimised bolting times

Services supplied by ISS

  • Rigging gear hire
  • Rigging labour
  • Height rescue stand by
  • Rigging lift plans and safe work method
  • Bolt tensioning
  • Remedial repairs
  • Strengthen of tower base
  • Scaffold access systems

Project highlights

  • Working in one of the most scenic mountain tops in the Waikato
  • Seeing how well our ISS crews from all departments work in cohesion with each other
  • Once again ISS working with heavy lift helicopters