Mill Creek Wind Farm


This was the third wind farm project successfully completed by Industrial Site Services in New Zealand. Industrial Site Services set up 26 SWT 2.3-82MW VS Turbines. The site was located in Ohariu Valley, Wellington.

This was a critical energy project. The turbines were designed to give 59.8 Mega Watts of output, enough to power 30,000 homes.


  • Complete base tower preparation
  • Electrical fitting, provision of completion and supervision team
  • Provide mechanical fitting and completion teams
  • Installation of top tower
  • Provide installation technicians
  • Provide turbine service technicians


  • Industrial Site Services went beyond the project scope by extending site facilities and temporary power supply
  • 100% installation of all SWP turbines in NZ
  • On going turbine maintenance / service is managed by ISS
  • Project completed with zero incidents
  • 38,556 man hours and no LTIs
  • Industrial Site Services wind turbine technicians from all geographical locations of the company came together to create an exceptionally experienced and skilled team
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