Rural Broadband Towers


As part of Lightwire NZ’s upgrades across the North Island, we were contracted to carry out full fabrication and installation of 42 towers across 42 remote locations.

This involved creating an easily replicatable design for the towers, that was suitable across each of the locations. This way, we were able to work with maximum efficiency to produce and assemble all components in bulk.

Another aspect of this project involved carrying out the civil works required in preparing the foundations on site. Navigating challenging and often unpredictable terrain was one of many challenges we had to overcome as part of this job, and often meant we needed to utilise a helicopter to deliver materials to site.

The installation of each 800kg, 10m tall tower, is done in four pieces, followed by grouting, earth pins and conduit.

The views onsite were amazing, and having to solve complex delivery and land owner issues has made this project and ongoing achievement for ISS.

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