Ash St. Bridge


ISS was commissioned by ARMA to investigate options around replacing the 7 seismic bearings that supported the Ash St. Bridge in Avondale. A worksite was built to protect the public foot traffic under the bridge and then pockets were cut in the abutment and 200-ton jacks were installed. Each girder was lifted in sync just enough to support the weight of the bridge and the bearings were cut out. ISS fabricated and installed new bearing mount plates and new bearings supplied by the customer. The bridge was then lowered, grouted and new covers installed.


  • Subcontractor management
  • Rigging labour and equipment
  • Site management, containment and security
  • Hydraulic jacking and measuring equipment


  • Head contractor to ARMA
  • Site and subcontractor coordination
  • Completed with zero disruption to traffic crossing the bridge