Refining NZ - Tank 143


ISS successfully removed degraded insulation foam from the roof of tank 143. The tank dimensions were 54.875m in diameter and 18.5m in height. Industrial rope access techniques were required to allow our staff to move around and remove 2410 square metres of insulation. There were more than usual challenges like the integrity of the tank roof structure. The ISS team managed to remove all of the foam from outside using rope access.


  • Remove all foam insulation from tank’s rooftop
  • Erection of scrim to contain foam insulation to tank’s roof compound
  • Erection of a shoot for removed foam insulation. It was from roof to skip at grade.
  • Scrape to leave minimal foam residue
  • Collection and disposal of foam insulation
  • Provision of height access and scaffolding
  • Provision of shrink wrap


  • Overcoming very difficult and physically challenging working conditions.
  • The team involved had to be environmentally sensitive of the terrain.
  • High level of safety maintained throughout the project tenure with zero LTI’s (Accidents/incidents)
  • 100% containment of all foam that was removed from the roof
  • There were zero spills to grade
  • The project was completed within time and budget given