Refining NZ - Tank 55


Industrial Site Services carried out the annual maintenance repairs on Tank 55. The tank was used to store heavy fuel oil. A scaffold was erected and used to access the external and internal corroded areas and replace the windbrace. The project used 82 tons of scaffold (nine lifts by 40 bays). The project was unique in the way that it combined system, tube and clip scaffolding to create circular scaffolding. Services workforce


  • Provide scaffolding team for erection and dismantle
  • Provide scaffolding equipment
  • Provide forklift and trailers
  • Special hazard identification boards were designed
  • Scaffolding inspectors to carry out inspections
  • Provide transport to and from the site
  • Height equipment
  • Schedule management of the scaffolding
  • Height safety equipment for the overall project


  • Completed the project on time and within the budget
  • Erected 82 tons of scaffolding
  • Completed the project with zero LTIs (accidents)
  • Exceptional teamwork exhibited by the Industrial Site
  • The successful amalgamation of system, tube and clip scaffolding